We breed selected poultry

From the very beginning, our focus is on poultry husbandry to ensure world-class products on your table.


No antibiotic is required by our low-sodium broiler for their healthy development.


Including Niacin or Vitamin B3. These are essential to metabolize fat and glucose in your body. Also minerals such as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc.

Company Background

In 1960, Mr. Luis Juan Macchi, a graduate in civil engineering from Universidad de La Plata, decided to break into the then emerging poultry business in Argentina. Thanks to his professional skills coupled with his dynamic and analytical approach, he started out his own business and quickly discovered the potential of the poultry industry, similarly to the US and Europe. With hard work, he opened his first farm of 1500 hybrid broilers in General Rodríguez on December 21st 1961. Thus, he set up the basis for a growing business. Then, seven additional chicken coops were developed and he got deeper into the poultry industry. Using state-of-the-art technologies, his business rate boosted to 12000 layers/chicken. In 1970, he became Welp Line´s exclusive agent and his hatchery capacity escalated to 720,000 eggs in a 25,000 square meter facility. His first feed plant was developed in General Rodríguez (Buenos Aires) and completed in 1998. Over the following decades, logistic operations were enhanced with his own truck fleet and additional production stages, thus turning into an agile, successful and cutting-edge company. Our vision is to become a leader poultry supplier, maximizing our unique experience to ensure quality and taking Que Rico products across Argentina and all over the world. We are aware of this highly ambitious vision. Our founders´ innovative spirit inspired us to dream big and work hard to become a great brand.

Our Products

High quality products for your family